Asset Forfeiture

In today’s highly technological world, it is increasingly possible for a CEO or other high-level executive to unwittingly have a company involved in illegal activity. And, the federal government automatically assumes any assets you have are the result of alleged illegal activity.

Federal charges have severe consequences. One way the government seeks to gain advantage over defendants is to deprive them of assets, such as their company and individual bank accounts, making a vigorous defense very difficult. The government can seize and keep your company, house, cars, bank accounts or other property without any charge or conviction; they basically sue the property. Asset Forfeiture has become a big moneymaker for federal, state, and local governments.

Because of this, time-and-time again we see the federal government unwilling to admit mistakes and often fight ruthlessly to hold on to property already seized, regardless of the fact the property is not related to any criminal activity.

Art Leach helped write some of the very asset forfeiture policy in Washington that is used against individuals by the federal government. You need a tenacious, highly experienced, never-back-down advocate like Art Leach to fight for your rights if you are to have any chance of regaining your property and prevent possible criminal charges. Art’s mastery of the complicated law and his firsthand experience with the National Asset Forfeiture Program combined with his superb negotiating skills can result in the reduction or dismissal of criminal charges related to the asset forfeiture.

Your Case

Art Leach will use his extensive asset forfeiture experience, including that gained at the highest levels of the DOJ, to guide you through many difficult decisions. Art receives many of his asset forfeiture cases from other attorneys because of his recognized integrity and expertise in this very complex area of federal law, and is pleased to answer any questions regarding how he can assist you with your asset forfeiture matter.