Penalties for many federal white collar crimes are very stringent. If you have been convicted of a federal crime and your attorney does not have significant experience with or knowledge of federal sentencing law, you should consider hiring a a lawyer like Art Leach with experience in federal sentencing law before the sentencing takes place. Most people are unaware that there is no parole in the federal criminal justice system, and a minimum of one year and one day must be served before time off for good behavior begins to be awarded. Individuals convicted of a federal offense typically serve at least 85% of their prison sentences.
Art Leach has both significant experience and knowledge of federal sentencing law and can positively frame your circumstances before the judge. He will work tirelessly to make your case for a reduced sentence. In addition, recent court decisions have allowed defense lawyers to be even more effective in these matters.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines After U.S. v. Booker

The Supreme Court’s landmark 2005 decision in U.S. v. Booker, took the ‘mandatory’ out of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and essentially changed that word to ‘advisory’. However, even without Booker, having an attorney who knows and understands the federal sentencing law could have a significant impact on the sentence handed down and where that sentence will be served, because courts still place a heavy emphasis on the guidelines.
Now, instead of merely going by a defendant’s ‘score’ on a grid, judges are free to consider personal factors such as the history and characteristics of the defendant, including family situation, age and health concerns, and more. The experience of Art Leach and his know how to take advantage of these new opportunities can make a difference in the outcome of your sentence.
Art is creative in developing alternative sentencing options and can persuasively argue mitigating circumstances on behalf of his clients. Art has established an excellent reputation and have a history of producing very favorable results for his clients at sentencing.

Your Case

If you are facing a federal sentencing hearing, don’t take any more chances. At the law office of Arthur W. Leach, we are only interested in obtaining the best possible results for our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in your case.