Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach consists of an elite group of highly-qualified litigators dedicated to winning high-stakes business disputes. Our clients look to us when they face complex legal issues that require skilled and experienced advocates. We take pride in handling our clients’ most important cases. Our success in these matters is based on our deep talent, experience trying cases to judges and juries, and the lessons we have learned in more than three decades representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach represents clients in all areas of civil dispute resolution and litigation. Our trial attorneys have extensive experience in general and complex civil litigation in state and federal courts throughout Georgia and the entire United States, representing plaintiffs and defendants in both jury and bench trials.

The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach attorneys have extensive experience in all phases of civil litigation. We formulate complex case strategies and tactics, control voluminous discovery, draft all manner of trial and appellate court documents, and handle all pretrial and trial proceedings, writs and appeals.

Helping large and small clients to anticipate and solve problems that arise during civil litigation demands a high degree of skill and sensitivity. Increased governmental regulation and constantly changing laws, coupled with heightened political, economic and societal pressures, make properly handling of adversarial legal proceedings more complex and challenging than ever before. We recognize that facing legal difficulties can be enormously demanding on our clients, both emotionally and financially.

Winning cases doesn’t come easy. Our team members, having worked for some of the most respected governmental entities and private law firms, have the talent, skill, experience, and sensitivity to get the job done right. Our strong practical orientation and devotion to our clients assure them exceptional results in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We exemplify commitment to our clients by equipping ourselves with the technology, training, and resources to respond quickly, accurately, and effectively. Technical advisors and nationally renowned experts also work closely with our attorneys when appropriate. Many of these experts were formerly employed by, or headed, the same regulatory or law enforcement agencies involved in litigation handled by the firm. The experts we use add an invaluable dimension and depth to the services we offer.

The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach’s civil trial practice experience includes cases involving antitrust matters, business disputes, and dietary supplement law, as well as toxic and mass torts. Our team’s class action litigation experience includes representation of a wide variety of corporate defendants in industries such as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, consumer product manufacturing, healthcare, general retail, and consumer collections. We also regularly represent clients in litigation involving intellectual property, securities, financial services, and products liability.

Our peers recognize us as a firm that can handle matters ranging from high-profile jury trials to mediation and resolution of private disputes. We are particularly adept at creating and advancing novel legal theories and strategies to resolve complex problems. Our depth and scope of trial experience enables us to plan for and anticipate challenges, yet pivot quickly when a complex case takes an unexpected turn.

The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach is a litigation boutique with a national practice focused on complex, high-stakes civil litigation, white collar criminal defense, class action lawsuits, and regulatory matters before administrative agencies.

Market Conditions Ripe for National Litigation Boutique

Art Leach noted that despite the broader economic and legal industry downturn, market conditions are heightening the demand for agile and experienced litigation counsel.  He believes the success of his lawfirm will be enhanced by a growth in complex litigation due to the recession and the re-organization of the financial services industry, as well as continued growth in intellectual property, dietary supplements and product liability litigation.

“Today, more than ever, clients faced with complex disputes, appeals, and other high-stakes litigation are looking for their law firms to enter alternative fee arrangements and share in the economic risks inherent in these types of matters,” said Leach.  “This risk-sharing plays to the strengths of our firm—experienced, well-credentialed attorneys with a history of winning.”

  • Technology – The firm’s size allows it to implement and upgrade leading litigation and back-office technologies with less expense and less time.
  • Low Overhead – The firm has a single-office strategy driven to keep costs down for our clients. The firm has an extensive network of local counsel across the United States that allows us to try cases almost anywhere is the United States without having to open additional offices.
  • Exceptional Talent – Focused on providing clients with experience, judgment, and superior counsel at every level, the firm plans to only associates with lawyers with at least two years’ of experience, preferably more, with an emphasis on those who served as judicial clerks. In addition, the firm does no law school recruiting and has only a small summer associate program, thus allowing it to avoid overhead that is non-essential to its model.