Class Action Defense

Our class actions practice is a nationwide leader in the areas of antitrust, financial institutions, insurance, securities, telecommunications, civil rights, and consumer and environmental protection. We regularly litigate cases throughout the United States, successfully navigating the full range of federal and state laws governing these complex disputes.

Often, individual claims for harm may be too small to justify the cost of hiring a lawyer. However, when a common problem arises and the same rights and issues are at stake for a group of individuals who are in a similar situation, the law often permits these individuals to join forces and pursue a single lawsuit against a common defendant. These types of suits are known as class actions.

Class actions are commonly associated with lawsuits under consumer protection and civil rights laws, where individual damage claims may be relatively limited. More complex tort cases involving claims over product safety, environmental contamination, or business practices affecting numerous individuals may also be appropriate for class action status.

As business lawyers, we know how to limit the effects of litigation on your business operations, reputation and future plans. We also have substantial experience on the plaintiffs’ side, giving us a full understanding of the challenges facing class action participants.

The Law Offices of Arthur W. Leach class action defense team is one of the most successful in the United States. Our team focuses from day one on defeating class certification. But our class action litigators also understand that there are many ways to resolve a class action successfully, whether by obtaining summary judgment, trying a case to verdict, winning on appeal, or—when the circumstances demand—negotiating a satisfactory settlement. Our lawyers have successfully handled many high-stakes class actions in federal and state courts throughout America.

Our class action experience spans jurisdiction, subject matter, and industry focus. We have successfully litigated cases asserting potentially high-exposure claims in jurisdictions considered the most hostile to corporate defendants. Indeed, our clients often engage us to handle the most significant class action cases they face. But we are equally experienced in handling a wide portfolio of cases that demand both efficiency and uncompromising quality. We understand that not all class actions can be handled alike, and we take great pride in partnering with our clients to develop and then execute strategies tailored to their needs and the specific circumstances they encounter.

Mr. Leach is recognized by many in the dietary supplement industry for his defense of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement manufacturers in mass and class action litigation. Mr. Leach has defended multiple consumer class action lawsuits in the dietary supplement class and won a dismissal against a law firm in California that was suing most supplement companies selling 1,3 Dimethylamylamine Hcl. One major manufacturer had settled their case for over a million dollars to this same firm. In the last two years we have defeated 3 class actions lawsuits for one dietary supplement company alone.  In the context of both class actions, attorney general actions, and individual product liability cases, Mr. Leach has experience with:

  • The defense of consumer protection act claims, particularly claims filed under California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL), False Advertising Law (FAL), and Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA).; and
  • Defeating putative class claims at the pleading, motion, and class certification stages.