Pre-Trial Proceedings

With hundreds of federal white-collar pre-trial proceedings under his belt, Art Leach knows what happens between a defendant’s arraignment and the start of a federal criminal trial often dictates what will take place at trial and whether or not a trial will even take place.

Unlike what happens in TV courtrooms, there are few surprises in a federal criminal trial. The process called discovery, basically an exchange of evidentiary information between prosecutors and defense attorneys, is primarily responsible for this. Discovery helps safeguard your presumption of innocence, and you need a savvy, experienced attorney to make sure no stone is left unturned.

While some prosecutors will readily turn over all the evidence they are legally required to disclose to the defense, others enjoy the chess match that can be the discovery process. Some prosecutors bury defense attorneys in tons of useless information and still others do not have enough experience to understand what they must, in fact, disclose.

The Benefit of Experience

Art’s dual experience as a federal prosecutor and defense attorney makes a difference. He knows the ins-and-outs of the law, not just from the books – but from years in the trenches fighting the battles. Art Leach thinks like a prosecutor and a defense attorney. He meticulously reviews and analyzes the evidence to find the nuggets others miss and builds a small team of dedicated experts who investigate and piece together all the unique facts of your case, without adding excess expenses to what is already a stressful and troubling situation.

Art will challenge and test the evidence from multiple angles. Prosecutors must disclose evidence to the defense that may help prove your innocence, even if it is harmful to the government’s case. Prosecutors have wide discretion in this, but there are many laws and cases which can help get this information released and Art knows what it takes to get this evidence released for your defense.

Along with Art’s in-depth experience and knowledge of the law, his good working relationships with prosecutors, judges, and courthouse personnel and his reputation for integrity and dealing straight up with others helps your case immensely. You can’t be treated fairly if you’re not being heard and Art respectfully, but zealously, makes sure the law is followed and you’re voice is heard.

Pre-Trial Hearings & Motions

What a jury does not get to hear is in many cases more important than what it does. In pre-trial hearings and motions many battles are waged between prosecutors and the defense about whether or not the government even has enough evidence to bring the case to trial, whether certain evidence should be kept out of the trial, and even whether certain witnesses should be allowed to testify or whether portions of that testimony are admissible. Art’s team approach helps him ferret out information the government may not be eager for you to know.
There are a myriad of motions which may be filed depending on your individual situation. If you are in a case with multiple defendants it may be in your best interest to seek a separate trial. More and more independent testing of scientific evidence is an issue in very complex cases and the issue of what will and will not be made public is more and more hotly debated. Art believes in trying his cases in the courtroom and not the media.
Art will vigorously challenge the government’s theories and aspects of the charges against you when it is in your best interest. Art Leach will not let disputed evidence go uncontested and his 29 years spent in the courtroom give him the advanced knowledge to do so. The Constitution, particularly the 4th Amendment, mandates the government must obtain its evidence legally and not skirt the law in doing so. This law is vital to protecting American freedoms and liberties.

Your Case

Art will work diligently to keep the case focused. You will be integrally involved in the entire process, deciding what strategies to follow, and whether or not experts need to be retained. All of these proceedings are of the utmost importance to you. It is vital you have all the information available before making decisions and Art’s expertise in these matters helps make that possible.

Art is pleased to talk with you about your case.