Grand Jury Subpoena

The early stages of an investigation bring a myriad of opportunities to negotiate with federal prosecutors and perhaps persuade them not to file charges. These early stages also can be extremely dangerous for the unwary, especially for those innocent of the allegations being brought against them, whose first inclination is to answer every question asked. White-collar criminal investigations are complex and lengthy. Seemingly innocent statements or actions made by an individual subject to a federal investigation can often damage a case beyond repair.
Never appear before a grand jury or answer questions from any law enforcement personnel without the advice of an attorney with a great deal of experience in these types of investigations such as Art Leach.

At the first sign of being under any type of federal investigation or being asked to appear before a grand jury, even as a witness, contact Art Leach.
While Art Leach is known as a zealous and vigorous defense attorney, his first objective is to prevent an indictment.
With the complexity of law and the aggressive approach federal officials, including federal agents and assistant United States attorneys, are taking toward alleged white-collar criminal activity, it’s very easy for any individual today to find him or herself accused of a serious white-collar crime. The mere accusation of wrongdoing can ruin a professional reputation quickly. “Economic capital punishment” is a real possibility for many individuals and businesses. Art Leach has tried and defended a large number of complex white-collar cases and it’s imperative you do not wait if you believe you are the target of a federal investigation.

Why You Need Art on Your Side

Prosecutors often use grand juries and early law enforcement interviews to fish for information. Defense attorneys are not allowed in grand jury proceedings but Art Leach will thoroughly investigate your individual situation and advise you what to expect and what you should and should not do during grand jury proceedings. It will be important going in to know whether you should answer questions at all. The Fifth Amendment protects American citizens against self-incrimination. Art will work to protect your Constitutional rights.
Art can be accessible in the courthouse during any grand jury proceedings and, if necessary, you may usually request a recess in the proceedings to consult with legal counsel. Art Leach has prepared hundreds of individuals for appearances before grand juries and he works with very talented investigators and other attorneys to ensure nothing is missed in preparing for your appearance before the grand jury.

Art Leach is pleased to answer any questions regarding how he can assist you during a federal inquiry.