The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach is committed to providing the highest level of client-centered advocacy.

The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach is different than many law firms in many ways. First we are litigators and unlike traditional law firms, where associates handle cases on a variety of subjects that they only know superficially, Art associates with attorneys who are experts in their field. In doing so, he strives to provide your case the best and most efficient representation. Art have several “Of Counsel” lawyers that work directly for the firm but he also works with dozens of other attorneys throughout the country to meet the clients needs.

We believe that comparing hourly rates is a poor way to choose a law firm. That metric fails to account for appropriate staffing, experience, use of technology, and overall talent and ability.  The Law Office of Arthur W. Leach offers lawyers who do not have to get up to speed on your case, which causes the client to pay more than they should. Art staffs cases based on the professionals that can best help him achieve a good result in a case. Art offers fixed fees, contingency fees, and a wide range of flexible, customized fee arrangements in addition to reasonable hourly billing.

Unlike traditional law firms Art works directly with his clients at every step of the process,
and Art’s streamlined practice helps keep costs down to you in what can be a lengthy legal process. Art also staffs each case personally to tailor a defense to your needs. Art’s independent-contractor style of business model allows him to work on your case with attorneys he knows and respects for their individual expertise, providing the client with the best attention to detail possible.

Judgment comes from experience, lots of it.  We only associate ourselves with experienced litigators who can just as easily cold cross a witness on the stand as they can pen a sophisticated motion or appellate brief.  Our clients hire us to win, not conduct on-the-job training.  Lawyers should first work at a big “white shoe” firm to get that subsidized training. But, we do not staff our cases with first- or second-year lawyers still trying to master basic litigation skills. This saves the client money and gives you a much better work product and result.

 When you or your business is faced with legal issues, Art will work tirelessly to protect your assets and reputation.

By working with specialized attorneys, investigators, and other experts, Art makes sure that your case is handled by those who know the most. With his “independent-contractor” style of practice, Art ensures that your legal questions are investigated with the utmost knowledge and care.

Complex legal issues can come out of left field at any time to blindside companies, individuals, and families. From litigation to mediation and private disputes to internal investigations, the Law Office of Arthur W. Leach is AV-rated. We excel at finding creative strategies to minimize disruptions and help our clients keep moving forward in business and in life.

We have a plan for the unplanned.

If street smarts were peer-reviewed and ranked, we would have that plaque hanging in our office. Our reputation for swift, thoughtful analysis of a situation, rapid, strategic response, and attentive client communication has been earned through many years of experience. The ability to adapt quickly and make sound decisions in actively-evolving situations is perhaps the cornerstone of our reputation. As evidenced by our track record, the Law Office of Arthur W. Leach lawyers have a passion for building a practice as well as winning.  If you are an excellent “technical lawyer” or a reliable service partner, you are only part of what we are looking to incorporate in the litigation strategy.

The best plan for the unplanned is to head off a potential issue in a boardroom or conference room so that it never gets to a courtroom. But if a matter does end up in court, our clients can rest assured that they are in the hands of a skilled and accomplished trial team. Backed by thorough and persuasive legal research and writing and effective oral advocacy skills, the Law Office of Arthur W. Leach provides outstanding representation in state and federal trial and appellate courts statewide, and across the United States.

Some firms are structured to bill lots of hours. Ours is built to win high-stakes business litigation and mount successful defenses in criminal cases. And we do precisely that.

At the Law Office of Arthur W. Leach, our goal is to achieve client objectives. To that end, we have structured the firm to give our clients the greatest potential for achieving a successful outcome. Specifically:

  • We focus on business and criminal litigation. It’s what we do 24/7. It’s all we do—across the country, for both plaintiffs and defendants. This singular focus produces more effective litigators who understand what it takes to win significant business disputes and criminal cases. We do not specialize in hundreds of different areas of law as many larger firms do. Instead, we focus solely on litigation and fighting to win your case.
  • We want smart people and fighters. We want smart people. We think smart people make smarter lawyers, and smarter lawyers can better solve our clients’ problems.  Our lawyers graduated at the top of their classes from the nation’s finest law schools. Many have served as judicial law clerks and Supreme Court clerks, giving them an insider’s look at what it takes to win.  Our policy of not hiring associates means that our cases are staffed with knowledgeable, experienced lawyers who will see your case to its conclusion. But, we are also smart enough to know that a fancy pedigree is not always a prerequisite for talent. We know that diversity in background and experience is an essential ingredient for winning.  Bottom line, we only utilize lawyers who have a demonstrated record of achievement.
  • We staff cases to win. Most of our cases are staffed by a small number of lawyers who perform all of the work on the case. The benefit of this model is that the lawyers who will be working with Art to draft briefs, take depositions, argue motions or conduct trials are thoroughly familiar with the clients, facts, legal research, documents, deposition testimony and case strategy. And, just as important, this approach costs our clients less than having an army of lawyers performing discrete tasks in relative isolation.
  • We use technology intelligently. Because our cases often involve millions of documents, numerous witnesses, and multiple parties, we use case and document management software where appropriate to leverage our lawyers and our talented litigators to efficiently and effectively organize and manage each case. Additionally, our lawyers are experienced in courtroom presentation tools and know how to use them to present complex subject matters to judges and juries.

Overall Peer Rating


5.0 out of 5.0

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Civil & Complex Litigation
    • Antitrust/ RICO Violations
    • Healthcare Fraud
    • Class Action
    • Financial Services Litigation
    • Intellectual Property
    • Products Liability
    • Securities
    • Asset Forfeiture
  • White Collar & Criminal Defense
  • Public Corruption Defense
  • International Crimes
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Money Laundering
  • False Claims Defense
  • Insurance Defense
  • Lawsuits with the Government
  • Governmental & Regulatory Affairs
  • FDA and FTC Litigation
  • Labor & Employment
    • Executive Severance & Compensation
  • Appellate Advocacy
  • DUI Defense